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DIY Plumbing Disaster Stories

DIY Disaster Plumber Stories

1. Freezing Your Hose During Winter
An issue that is certainly an issue outside of St Kilda, closer to Mt. Bulla where it snows in the winter. Many people – due to being too lazy (or forgetting!) leave […]

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Water Conservation Tips

Water Conservation In St Kilda

In 1994, Melbourne saw a new group of laws come into play that was designed to save water. Australia was currently experiencing a drought and this was the Australian Government’s way of protecting its citizens.


At Home […]

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A wrench that our builders often use on the . homes of Melbourne

Replacing A Toilet Seat In St Kilda

Fixing A Broken Toilet Seat In St Kilda

As you may well know, one of the simplest at home bathroom changes you can make is to change your toilet seat. Removing
and replacing the lid of the toilet seat is incredibly easy […]

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