St Kilda’s Pensioner Activities

Activities For Oldies In St Kilda

Are you getting on in life? Want to take a step back from the crazy life and just relax to some easy/fun activities? Here’s a list of some things in St Kilda that we’re sure you’re going to be interested in.

You’ll notice there’s no mention of roller coasters, late nights or alcohol abuse! Just plain old relaxing fun… Nothing to write home about, but at the same time, they’ll ensure that you do make it home in one piece. A great trade-off – we think anyways.




Lawn Bowls

St.Kilda has many activities. The ‘older crowd’ love lawn Bowls. Now let’s not kid ourselves, pensioners love lawn bowls. They get dressed up, make teams and take this game very seriously. A lot of people above the age of 70 would love to see this sport make it into the Olympics. And a lot of people would watch it! This is why lawn bowls make it as number 1 on our list.



I can imagine you’re already laughing at the prospect of this. A bunch of old farts dancing around in the water. the truth is – this is great fun! And it’s great for you! As you get old, you get more fragile. And this can equal some serious problems in regards to health. Joints wear out, vision depletes and much more! So any chance you get to have some ‘gravity-free’ exercise – take it! We say anyway.


The Cinemas

this area is well known for its lovely air-conditioned cinemas. Here’s a timetable. Lot’s of new movies come to this area due to a lot of old people who love going to the movies just for a reason to get out of the house.

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