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We know the area well and we know plumbing even better . Get in touch to find out how we can offer a plumbing solutions to your place.

…We’ve been providing plumbing services residents of St Kilda for over 5 years. And in that time we are pleased to announce that we have over 1,000 happy customer reviews. So if you’re looking for a professional and certified plumber to come out to you then don’t hesitate! Call us now on (03) 9131 0626 or click one of the options below to organise for an expert plumber to come and see you whether you’re in St Kilda or a surrounding suburb!

Services that we offers

  • Our Services
  • Bathroom/Kitchen
  • Leak Detection
  • Blocked Drains

Click here for a list of the services our plumbers provide. Our services range from blocked drains, to leak detection! Call us on (03) 9131 0626 to get a plumber out to you ASAP. If you’re in St Kilda close by – We’re sure we can help!

Undergoing a home renovation? Redoing your kitchen? Selling your home? Get a plumber out to put in your pipes correctly to ensure you don’t experience leaks or issues down the road. Get the steady and hot shower water that you deserve. Call a St Kilda plumber today!

Bas smell in your home? Mould on your wall? Water bill increasing each month? It could be a leak. Call us now to have a plumber come and find the leak in your home. Whether you’re in St Kilda or the nearby suburbs – a St Kilda plumber can help!

St Kilda residents experience blocked drains and showers. This is mostly due to pipe issues. Each plumber on our team has blockage cameras and can come to you in St Kilda to help you today or this week! Call a plumber now!

What Happens When You Call Us?

Our plumbing team is always on hand to provide you with quality work as well as customer service that you will never forget! the first thing to note is that we can help you even if you reside outside of the immediate St.Kilda area.

Our team can come to areas to the north and south of CBD. From Brunswick, all the day down to Brighton – So don’t hesitate to contact us!


Step 1

Call us on (03) 9131 0626. The exact plumber who will be servicing your property will be the one answering the phone – there won’t be any to and fro, trying to organize through the middle-man. We get straight to the point because that’s what works best for you

Step 2

You tell us exactly what service you need. Or perhaps you’re experiencing an issue and aren’t sure about what type of assistance you need? No problem! Our trained crew members will listen to what’s happening on your end and then prescribe a fix.

Step 3

We organize a time to come to you. We can often get to you the same day and if not within the week that you call us, and yes, we work on weekends! We provide a wide range of services so we’re sure we can help you. So what are you waiting for? Call us on (03) 9131 0626.

Why Choose Us

24/7 availality

Whether your in an emergency at midnight or having breakfast. We service all hours of the day

Dedicated Team

We have a good crew of great trained & qualified plumbers. We aim at being reliable and competitively priced.

Affordable Price

Our pricing is fair but we stand by our quality. In comparison to other plumbers we mid tier with the best quality.

Certified Mechanics

All work is fully licensed and covered by our plumbing licenses



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