Fixing A Broken Toilet Seat In St Kilda

As you may well know, one of the simplest at home bathroom changes you can make is to change your toilet seat. Removing
and replacing the lid of the toilet seat is incredibly easy because it is actually designed to be simple for you to remove and to install. This is to cater for any color scheme changes you make in the near future. A toilet is a large part of the bathroom, in due to that, designers make them largely customizable for their owners. This will also work in St Kilda.

So Let’s Get Into It!

Once you have another seat and ensured it is the right size. Remove the old seat. Unscrew the nuts that currently hold the old toilet seat in place – at the hinge’s base. When you have done lift the seat up and out. Then, discard of the seat. You may find that the nuts and bolts are rusted into the actual toilet seat, this makes the whole job a lot less simple. In this case, you will need a wrench and in a more serious case, a drill bit too literally drills into the nut and loosen it/break it apart.


NOTE: when installing your new toilet seat, remember not to tighten the bolts too much, otherwise you could find the seat will not move easily. Also be sure to apply WD40 to the washers to prevent and squeaking noises.

So now the nuts are removed. Great stuff. Now remove the old lid easily and without causing any damage to the toilet bowl of close to finishes/fittings. The new lid can now be placed on top of the bowl and screwed in (as discussed earlier be sure to not screw them in too tight and to apply WD40. If you’re renting where you live – definitely keep the old one as the old owner may want it.

Brands Of Toilet Seats

St Kilda . is home to various plumbing outlet stores that specialize in providing bathroom goods for the residents of Melbourne. One major outlet store is Buningds Warehouse which is home to literally hundreds of different ‘Ikea’ style items that are ready for you to purchase.

Some top toilet brands include:

  • Reece
  • American Standard
  • Dominique Toilets Seats
  • Posh Canturbery Toilets

These are the top toilet seats that we recommend here in St Kilda. For more toilet seats -0 simply visit your local bunnings warehouse or other more boutique stores if you prefer the local touch.

DIY Or Hire A Pro?

Many men in Melbourne seem to opt for the DIY way of life. Especially since Australia is home to so many tradesman and pipe-fitters. many men are friends with tradesman, and hence think that this means that they now know all that that person knows.

This isn’t so, and it ends up with quite some hilarious situations happening throughout the home.

We normally suggest that the residents of St Kilda don’t do their own plumbing. However, replacing a toilet seat is such a harmless and non-problematic that we do suggest that you take this task on yourself. Also because if that new toilet seat needs replacing, then you’re the person who put it on – so you’re the person who’s going to know how to take it off.

There is a sense of community, however, in St Kilda, so you probably could just walk down the street and ask a neighbor to help you and without a doubt, We’re sure they would!

So we hope you’ve gotten some information from this article, and we hope it’s helped you understand how to best complete a DIY task. Now go! Show off to your friends on Snapchat about how handy you are!

until next time,

~ The Plumber St Kilda Melbourne Team