Tips On Fixing Your Pipes – DIY


“I’ve detected mold in my bath. What’s going on?”


Of course! We’d love to help you with this issue! You should first know that there are various reason as to why the silicone around your bath might be going moldy. The No.1 reason is always that the silicone is cheap and of bad quality. There is almost no point buying discounted silicone because this problem will continue to arise.

The number 2 reason is that the silicone is not being cleaned properly or regularly enough. There is also evidence supporting the possibility that some types of soap cause silicone to erode and hence because weak and moldy. Try changing your soap for 3 weeks and see if anything changes.  Be sure to rigorously clean your silicone within this time too – with your soap. This will give you an answer sooner.

For those of you who are looking to get a broader overview – check the video below.



“When the bath gets close to its overflowing point, the bath leaks. What is happening here?”


Here’s the long and short of it, straight from the worker’s mouth. If you bath starts to leak when the bath water reaches the overflow point then your overflow catcher has been previously been fitted. In Saint Kilda, we recommend contacting the professional who had it installed and asking for them to come and re-service is for free or a discounted price. This depends on how long ago it was installed. Of course, a problem arises with everything after a certain amount of time.

The plumbing company you contact will have to take apart the overflow mechanism and clean and replace some aspects of the system.  This is not a costly endeavor but takes time.



A Black And White Tap


My Bathtub Empties Very Slowly. Why Is This?

The main reason for your bath emptying very slowly is that the plug is not the right size, or that there are blockages in the drain either directly below your bath or further down the line. This can be fixed easily. We recommend calling us on (03) 9131 0626 for your free in-person assessment and quote.



Why Has my Plumbing Bathtub Chain Broken Again?


Your standard DIY chain is going to be cheap and will most likely not fit properly into the bath plug hole. We recommend contacting the brand of bath your bath, and asking the retailer for an exact model fit and to please include their best quality chain onto the plug. Most sellers will do this, and their chains tend to be hard to break and of the highest quality.