DIY Disaster Plumber Stories

1. Freezing Your Hose During Winter

An issue that is certainly an issue outside of St Kilda, closer to Mt. Bulla where it snows in the winter. Many people – due to being too lazy (or forgetting!) leave their hoses attached to their outside pipe during winter. This results in the water freezing inside your hose and results in a funny frozen ‘snake’ instead of a hose – you have been warned!

2. Misuse Of Venting Pipes

Believe it or not – vent pipes are actually a great way to run cables from inside your home – to the outside of your home! This opens the door for homeowners to run tv cables and the like through their heated vents to the outside world. Besides the huge fire risk this obviously creates, this could also destroy your tv wires and short-circuit the fuse box in your entire house! Not fun! So if you consider yourself a DIY plumber, builder or anything else – do not run your cables through your vent pipes!

3. Too Much Draino

Many DIY plumbers think that they can solve any home plumbing issue by whatever they can find at Bunnings. This simply isn’t the case. Professional plumbing equipment does not come in ‘ready to use’ packs at Bunnings. This really comes true when we get called to a job in St Kilda when a ‘DIY’ plumber – with nothing but the best intention – had poured two liters of draino down his kitchen sink!

And yes, this has happened more than once we’re sorry to say.

When it comes to it, only a trained plumber even knows if draino will fix it. And when it comes to blocked pipes, a broken pipe, tree roots or any other number of causes could be the culprit behind your sudden issue. So we recommend calling an expert to walk you through what you should be doing. We won’t try to steal your thunder, in fact – you don’t have to even tell your wife you called a plumber, just say you did it all by yourself! We won’t tell 🙂

4. Emptying Hazardous Liquids Into Septic Containers

If you have just moved into St Kilda, and you own a home with a septic tank.


Don’t do it.

You know what I’m referring to.. I don’t – I have no idea what you’re about to do. But I can promise you this…

It’s about to cost you a lot of money.

Many homeowners google: ‘Septic Tank Plumbing’ and then with a 2.4-minute Howcast video. They then follow the instructions and then completely ruin their home septic system! Our plumbers have seen it happen literally dozens of times! In this scenario – just call a Plumber St Kilda Melbourne. Save yourself the stress, the money and the time.

5. Nailing Into Your Wall And Hitting Pipes

We’d like to begin this sentence by saying that this particular issue isn’t funny at all. In fact, many Australian and in particular St Kilda people have lost their lives due to this. You’ve seen those ‘ dials before you dig’ signs around town. There’s a reason. Digging without knowing what’s beneath you could result in your hitting gas pipes or power mains – either one would result in catastrophic interference with the welfare of local residents as well as serious injury or death to the driller.

So do not hammer anything into your walls until you have the blueprint of your home. And also, turn off the power to your home when safe. This will prevent any plumbing issues and electrical dangers.