Environmentally Conscious Plumbing Tips

Quite a few water based companies are turning green due to customer demand. And you, as a homeowner or soon to be investment property owner. Should take these legislations and laws if you wish to appeal to the maximum amount of owners, and to make the most cash when it finally comes time to sell!
So, without further ado, here are some tips that can make your plumbing system more efficient!
A basic Melbourne tap in Victoria
A basic Melbourne t

Solar Panels

The first and most important thing to do, being a resident of Australia, is to install solar panels! These can save your tenants $1,000’s a year, and can also provide you with some great tax breaks and benefits that property investors usually forgo.
Next step is to install solar water heaters, these will make a great addition to your solar panel setup.

Also, be sure to insulate around hot water pipes, this will ensure that the water temperature inside these pipes remains hot and will lessen the cost of maintaining them. This will also prevent your tenants or yourself from running cold water waiting for the water to turn hot. This ends up being a costly move when you add up the monthly expenses of just running water down the sink. not to mention the waste it has on the environment.


Water Leakage

You should also invest in some ‘low-flow aerators’ since they only cost about $5 and they can save you hundreds due to the fact that it lessens the water stream of taps.

You should also check for leaks in your toilets in your property by adding food coloring to the toilet tank and waiting for 4 minutes. If the bowl contains the color that you poured into the tank, then your toilet has a leak.

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