The Benefits Of Plumbing Checks

Pipe Maintenance

Water can become problematic to your pipes when it is cranked too high. Low water pressure results in feeble water pressure in showers – NOTE: feeble water pressure in showers can be the result of incorrect water pressure and/or a blocked drains, for more info on blocked drains please click here.

Testing For A Water Leak

Here’s an easy test. If you turn your tap/shower off and hear a prolonged water hammer (a shuddering-like sound) that last for over 5 seconds. This is a big indication that your water pressure is too high. This is risking bursting pipes and plumbing joint failure. Basically – you need to address this ASAP! Call us asap to have one of our plumbers come to you for a $0 no obligation quote.

An image of an outdoor tap

When it comes to assessing the sinks and drains in your home or property. Common sense is always the safest bet. Look for visible cracks in the surface or the bowl/sink. Bad smells are always an indication that something is leaking and needs attention. Normally a bad smell means that something has been leaking for a long time. As a bad smell indicates mold has grown. Which can take weeks or months to grow?

Now we move on to the tap realm. You absolutely want to get onto fixing taps as soon as any visible issue arises. replacing washers early on is absolutely crucial when it comes to preventing wear and tear.


In the bathroom

Next, you’ll want to flush your toilet and have a look at whats going on inside the bowl and in the top.

If the bowl is draining slowly, or the water rises quite high and then  This normally means there is a blockage problem in your toilet’s pipe system.

The smartest next step would be to contact your tradesman and organize a time to meet.