St Kilda Football Team

The AFL Saints

Melbourne Football’s Greatest Team

Are you a sports fan? Do you like contact sports? Do you hate cheerleading? Then great! You’re going to love the Australian Football League. The ‘AFL’ as the Melbourne locals put it. Is a prolific game that accrues literally millions of viewers for every


game. Australia is a smaller country than the USA. You can bet that if AUS had the same population as the USA, that the same

amount of people would be watching…


The Players

When you think of St Kilda, you can’t go past the recent retiree and legend of the game – Nick Riewoldt. Nick is an absolute legend of the game and a hero in his own right. He’s become a somewhat celebrity in the area of Melbourne and all around Australia. He’s local and loves visiting places like Acland Street, Fitzroy Street, Luna Park and various other places – When he’s not on the field of course.  Regardless of the fact that they have only once won a premiership – I still truly believe that they’re fantastic.

Their Homes

Most players make a lot of money, and as such, they can afford to live in huge homes in lovely areas. Areas such as Brighton, Bayside, Sandringham, Beaumaris, Parkdale, Beaumaris and many more luxurious postcodes come to mind. They also own lots of luxury items. Due to a large number of luxury cars dealers that are in the area. Lot’s of Bayside Football players own more than 1 car. They have their family car – most likely some sort of sedan. Then, of course, the ‘money on wheels’! A thing of beauty. Mostly we’re talking about Mazarattis and Porsches. No Rolls Royces Or Bentleys – that’s an entire year’s salary for an AFL player. Even for the most well paid of them.

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