St Kilda Population Demographics

The Suburb Of St Kilda



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The postcode of 3182 hosts the glorious suburb known as St.Kilda

This suburb is roughly 5 kilometers from the Melbourne CBD. It is not walking distance at all. So if you’re thinking of visiting the National Gallery Of Victoria or Federation Square – think again!

After the 2011 Census analysis was completed. It was estimated that an approximate 17,00 people live in the area. And over half over female (lucky guys)

Also, the standard age for people living in St Kilda is 33. It’s also worth mentioning that over fifty percent of Aussie residents were born in Australia. Due to the fact that it is such a beautiful place, lot’s of tourists come to and migrate to Australia.

The other residents come from New Zealand, Ireland, India, Germany, Greece, China, Scotland, and Ukraine.


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Plumbing Demographic

It’s also worth mentioning that there are multiple tradesmen in the area. Lot’s of pipe fitters who identify as the tradesman of the area. There are also many landscapers too. Landscaping is big business in that area seeing as there is a


multitude of beautiful beachfront properties. This means that with all these big properties that there are plenty of pipes and hot water systems that need servicing. This means big business for the tradesman of St.Kilda.

So if you’re a tradesman – you know where to head!


Standard Tradesmen Income

Most of the people living in this area make a pretty decent amount of yearly income. This is needed due to the high costs of the area. Not to say that those prices are unwarranted. The area is stunning, and the demographic and diversity are just amazing. It brings many cultures of people together and teaches everyone about everyone else. This is what is so amazing about the Melbourne. the sheer diversity is incredible and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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