Famous People In Saint Kilda

Celebrities In St. Kilda


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Why Celebs Choosing This Area?

It’s a well-known fact that Melbourne, Australia is a desirable place to live. It’s lovely architecture and popular scenery make it an ideal living situation.But nothing is quite as good as the lovely suburb of St Kilda.

This suburb has everything:

  • Cost effective living
  • Luxury massage parlors
  • Close-to-CBD living
  • Dog-friendly beaches
  • and much more

All these factors create an amazing environment for celebrities to come and live. Even if it means they purchase a holiday house and just come down temporarily, Saint Kilda has become a hub for the rich and famous. It’s now becoming easy to see why they choose this area and even easier to walk out of your front door and being able to spot somebody famous!

But please don’t ask for too many selfies with them, you don’t want to create a storm of tourism that will scare them off! If you play it cool, you might even be able to be friends with them.

Melbourne is a hugely desirable place to live.


Why the Public Eye Drains Energy


So let’s talk about exactly where these famous people live. They tend to opt for more luxurious homes (obviously) seeing as they tend to have the best security and the best style of living. But they also look for properties within close to landmarks. Celebs tend to look for homes close to Acland Street and Luna Park. Seeing as these are desirable places to Live. Fitzroy Street in St.Kilda is also a very highly sought after area. The plumbing companies also look favorably on these locations.


All these famous people hanging around will actually up the price in the local neighborhood. Believe it or not, people want to live next to famous people! They want to meet and be around them. But to be honest. That’s not really a surprise at all.

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