Hiring A Car From St Kilda

Car Hire In St Kilda

Leaving Melbourne’s Water


I’ve just experienced possibly one of the greatest things in my entire life. And I’m not joking – even in the slightest. What I’m talking about is hiring a chauffeur to take you from A to B. In this scenario – A was my home in Melbourne. And B is the airport. I’m not going to tell you where I’m going because hey… Who doesn’t like surprises?!



‘Road Blocked’

If you’ve traveled before then you would know this:

“Something always go wrong”

Whether you’re one of those unfortunate fellows who lose their passport. Or if you’re crammed between two fatties on a plane. nothing can ever go perfectly. even if you’re from the wonderfully leafy suburb of St Kilda. Click here for more info

I won’t bother going into detail on exactly what stopped my car from getting to the airport on time. But I will tell you that the road was completely blocked. It was like a shower drain clogged with hair – we weren’t going anywhere!


Should You Leave Early?

Even though I’ve painted a rather drastic picture in regards to traveling and getting to your terminal on time. But be assured – leaving early cures all problems and believe me – I mean that! Take a look at this video below about leaving your area on time:


It clearly shows that if you’re looking to make it to your country of choice easily – you need to realize that honey, YOU AIN’T IN CONTROL!! There are numerous ‘tests’ I guess you could call them that are seemingly plotted around the airport, to the airport, in security, in delays, in absolutely everything! All this adds to the simple fact that you should hope for the best but expect/plan for the worst!


End Of The Pipe

So I would like to end this article by pointing out one simple fact. port Phillip is an amazing city area, there are many amazing Suburbs such as Elwood, Brighton, Port Melbourne, Bentleigh and many, many more fantastic places full of absolutely amazing things to see (and eat) So don’t hesitate to be a saint and come and say hello.


Here’s one photo that would like to leave you with that reminds me of this lovely time:


Goodbye for now! And good luck with your car of choice!

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