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Wheels On The Road

Hi! Looking to learn what it takes to be legally allowed to ride a motorbike and/or moped on the roads of St Kilda? Well, look no further! This article has been written by yours truly, in an attempt to:

  1. Give you a comprehensive overview of the road rules in that lovely beach area
  2. To simultaneously make these roads safer by making you more knowledgeable about the road laws.

So without any hesitation – let us begin!

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Age Restriction In VIC

In Melbourne Australia, you must be at least 18 years of age to ride a motorbike on the roads. When you turn 18, you can apply for your L’s (your learner’s permit) during this time, you can drive around Saint Kilda on a bike so long as you have a yellow ‘L’plate clearly displayed on both the front and back of your bike. Ensure that these are clearly displayed as driving without them will land you a fine!


Driving In Melbourne

So now we get the good stuff! The ‘thick of it’ so to speak…

The actual driving. Driving is totally the same in all areas in Victoria – but for this specific article, we’re going to focus on deriving around Elwood, Bentleigh, Elsternwick, Port Melbourne, Brighton, Gardenvale, Beaumaris and other areas near the 3182 postcode. First of all, All of Australia has a left-hand lane drive, with the right-hand lane being the overtaking lane. You cannot overtake somebody in the right lane. If they’re slow – deal with it! These laws are here for a reason.And that’s exactly what they are – laws. Failure to comply will result in a fine of over $1,000.


Lot’s of people in a rush tend to break these laws. People such as builders are carpenters come to mind. They are often under the pump so look to take shortcuts.

In closing.

Realise that this area is by far one of the safest places to drive a bike in the world. When you compare it to overseas places. It is much easier and safer. There is a justice system and other riders are bound by the knowledge that breaking the law will result in major repercussions so enjoy riding! But make sure you do it safely.

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