St Kilda Is A Great Place To Raise Your Family

Raising A Family


Are you a young couple looking for a new hip place to live? Do you have kids on the way? Well then look no further than the beachy suburb of Saint Kilda. This area contains some of the hippest and coolest bars and restaurants that Melbourne has ever seen. You can guarantee that when you walk out of your door, you’ll have a huge choice.

Whether you’re a standard family with a father, mother, dog and a child or two – there’s a place for everyone!

Real Estate In St Kilda

The beach is a fantastic place to take your child or children. It’s also worth mentioning that this can be a pricey suburb. Whether you’re thinking of renting or buying. Ensure that you have a talented and experienced real estate agent. There are often places for sale, so make sure that you’re seeing the best of the best. the high volume can easily distract you from the very best places.

On the plus side, the people are some of the nicest and interesting that you will ever meet haha! So with that being said, you should definitely plan your move to this suburb sooner than later. I also want to talk about how amazing dogs are. How amazing are they?? they’re so fluffy and cute. And they will always love you – no matter what. Unless of course you go to a kennel and there are some dogs have been mistreated. this does happen, and they aren’t nice.


Fortunately, though there are no kennels in St Kilda so you don’t have to worry about that being an issue. Especially if you have kids to worry about – worry no more! They will be safe.


So without further ado, this is the end of the article, we hope you enjoyed it!


But actually, before we go, we should talk about one more thing. You should also consider the suburb of Elwood. Elwood is an absolutely fantastic suburb that is close to Elsternwick and balaclava. Also very trendy.

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