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The Most Popular Sports In St.Kilda

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If you are a sporting fanatic then there’s a city in the world that will make your life a joy. That’s St Kilda in Australia which has been called the world’s greatest city for sports fans. It has a massive reputation for hosting some of the most exciting sporting events on the globe – but even on an average weekend, there’s always something for the lover of sports to enjoy. In fact, such is the reputation for hosting top sporting events that the city was ranked number one in the ‘SportBusiness Ultimate Sports City Awards’ – a prestigious honor from one the world’s top ranking organizations.



The city beat competition such as London, Berlin, and New York – in fact even world famous Sydney was left in the dust by Melbourne. Specifically Saint Kilda.

Top sports include cricket, Australian Rules Football, soccer and even basketball.

The jewel in the crown of Melbourne’s sporting arena’s must surely be the venerable MCG – the Melbourne Cricket Ground which has seen some of the most epic battles between some of the greatest cricketing teams in the world. It plays host to the Ashes Series between England and Australia and is watched avidly by fans both on the ground and in front of televisions across the world.

The city also hosts the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix which is again broadcast across the world and for that weekend it plays hosts to fans of motorsport from across the planet who converge on Melbourne for a festival of speed and thrills – and at the same time convert the city into a sporting paradise for those who enjoy one of the most popular sporting events in the world.



For those who enjoy the sport of tennis Melbourne plays host to one of the most prestigious events of the tennis calendar – the Australian Open. During the time that this is being held St.Kilda turns its focus away from cricket and even rugby and Australian Rules Football which are Australian passions and focuses on the courts and the athleticism of some of the greatest tennis players that the world has ever seen. The streets are flooded with eager fans wanting to build some precious memories of their own around this incredible tennis event – and also want to enjoy one Australia’s premier cities. These are only a taste of the top sports in Melbourne – there’s even more in store for the true sports lover.

Want a sporting getaway? Make Melbourne your destination.

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