The Town Hall

The St Kilda Town Hall


Front View Of The Town Hall

One of the biggest landmarks in St Kilda for tourists and locals alike is undoubtedly the St Kilda Town Hall.

It is available for anyone to rent for corporate functions, birthday parties, business meetings and birthday parties. The staff at this center have been reviewed many times as being both kind and friendly, and they are also renowned around St Kilda for providing world-class customer service. This is provided for everyone who books this hall, regardless of age or reason for the event.

It should also be noted that this hall provides smaller rooms for business meetings that do not require the full room’s size. This is especially necessary for people who need a place to talk business, yet do need a client and professional atmosphere in which to pitch clients or indoctrinate new employees. For these purposes, the smaller rooms of St Kilda town hall work perfectly.



The Town Hall Capacities

As it happens, The St Kilda Town Hall is very able to cater for most people’s need. No matter what the occasion. Here are some more specifics stats of exactly what type of experience the town hall can provide for you.

Here are the exact capacities:

  • 800 people can attend if you are playing a movie in the St Kilda Town Hall
  • If you’re having a banquet then at least 500 people can attend
  • If said banquet will have a dance floor – the town hall can accommodate¬†a maximum of 400 people


Weddings At St Kilda Town Hall

The Beach that Is Close To The Local Town HallEverybody in the area knows that lot’s of weddings occur at the St Kilda Town Hall. And not just in the silly season when the Melbourne weather picks up. All year round people are getting dropped off in limousines and driving off dragging cans behind their cars. When you step inside the town hall and inspect it, it’s not hard to see why. The town hall is an absolutely glorious spectacle to behold. When you add a wedding designer into the mix – it really does become an iconic place for St Kilda couples to tie the knot.

So if you’re trying to find a place that will make your bridesmaids jealous – you’ve found it.




Meeting Rooms


Within the many rooms of the St Kilda Town Hall, you will find that there is 8 meeting room. 5 of which can accommodate 5 people comfortably. The other over 3 can accommodate up to 15. This, of course, depends on what you plan to be doing with your workmates.


More Locations Near The Town Hall


There is also:

  • Council chambers that can fit 15 people easily
  • A committee style room – this can accommodate 10 at the stand and 25-30 within the seats still in the room for the press at the back.
  • A mayors room which is simply just an office that has the main desk, 2 seats for clients and a couch that can sit an additional 2 people


All meeting rooms located within the St Kilda town hall are also state of the art. As of 2017 they all went through a significant The Town Hallupgrade and are now able to accommodate even the most hi-tech . of tech companies within St Kilda.

They all feature electric whiteboards, water glasses, electric massage chairs, brand new Peavey PA systems. Dyson air conditioning and lots of other great features that make any meeting room a comfortable and memorable place for businessmen and their employees and/or clients.

So we hope this article has shown you exactly what this local town hall ha on offer. We do believe that it will help you make your next booking decision easier. From us to you – good luck and we hope to hear from you as soon as possible!




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