Hidden Talents Of Plumbers

Plumbing Experts Have Secret Talents

Ever wonder what tradesman do in their spare time?


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Believe it or not, members of the trade community also have a life outside of the work they do on your hot water systems.

Aside from the time plumbing experts spend relaxing after they’ve fixed a Melbourne hot water system, they also do things for fun. And I’m not just talking about ‘smashing some tinnies with the boys’ as most Australians would call it.

They enjoy many hobbies which range from fishing to gardening to even magic. Enjoy the article


The Most Popular Hobbies Chosen By Tradesman

Fixing hot Water Systems

Though it is standard procedure for a builder to fix hot water systems, they also enjoy mended them in their own time.

Un-Blocking Drains

Members of the building community also love helping out the local residents of St Kilda. They do this by offering free drain services

Kitchen Renovations

Many plumbing experts also love to renovate the water-works in their own homes and those of family members.


Purchasing Tradesmen’s Tools

Many workers also enjoy finding bargains – as many people from Melbourne do. Whether you’re a builder, a brick-layer, a tiler or anything in between – no one can turn down a good deal or negate the satisfaction one receives upon finding one. So this being the case, many tradesmen look for quality tools to use on building-sites such as saws, pipes, wrenches, cement mixers, jack-hammers and everything in between.

It can be complicated finding this equipment around Melbourne, due to the fact that the market is not so competitive, this allows prices to remain high. There is no diluted market share, unfortunately.

unsued water pipes in Melbourne
Unused water pipes in Elwood


Spending Time Workers

Many workers will finish repairing hot water systems, or finish unblocking their client’s drains and will move on to spend time with their family. Many plumbers have families. So they like to get home and then spend time with the wife and kids. Who wouldn’t?!


We should also point out that these tradesmen are extremely valued by us. Not only do we consider them to be professional, but they’re also some of the most sought-after workers in the entire St Kilda area. So whether you need someone to help you today, or tomorrow or even next week or sometime in the distant future. Call us today on (03) 9131 0626.



We can promise that our employees will be both courteous and polite. They will provide you with the latest and greatest information on whatever situation that you currently need help with.

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Our workers have also been qualified for many, many years. This means that before we even considered taking them on to work with us. They had to complete a minimum of 5 years as a fully qualified plumber in their own companies. So providing this, and after talking to their bosses, employees and past clients. We hired them to work for our company.

And that’s why you can be sure that our pipe-fitters will provide you with the best quality services in the whole of St Kilda.


More Skills

Plumbers are known for being skilled and able to fix just about any issue with your system. However, did you know that many workers possess hidden talents? Well, some of these talents you might know about and others you might not. With that said, here are four hidden talents.


Building Site Expertise

Builders have to be able to spot problems within a system and this goes for both small and large problems. You might be surprised to know that sometimes the smallest issues can be spotted by a plumber, and this is because they have acquired a lot of experience throughout their years of work or due to the number of jobs they have completed. If you ever get the chance to watch a plumber work, you will notice this talent right away.





Worksite Adaptability

A lot of people don’t know this, but they have the ability to think very quickly, especially when they are working on a complex job. Not only that, but they have to think logically at the same time, and this is a talent that takes a bit of time to acquire and master. Think about it, if a worker encounters a serious issue that requires a fast, temporary fix, then this means they have to think fast and logical, otherwise the problem will just get worse.


Being On Call

Plumbers have the ability to focus on-demand, especially plumbers that offer emergency services. What we mean by this is that when an emergency arises and receives a call to go out and handle the emergency, then they have to immediately become Hot Water Systemsfocused and they have to gather the energy to go out and complete the job. It doesn’t matter if the worker was in the middle of dinner, watching TV or sleeping, they will find a way to become focused and ready to tackle the emergency. Many people don’t realize that doing this is a major talent and it is a lot harder to do than you’d think.



Extra Services

If you’re like some people, then you probably think they only handle certain things, but they have a talent for being able to work on any issue. For example, plumbers are often capable of working on water heaters, which means if you have a water heater that has broken or not working properly, then you should call a worker because they will inspect it and determine what’s wrong with it. If you need to replace it, they will let you know and if it can be fixed, then they will handle the repairs for you if that’s what you want doing.This is just one example of the different things a pipe-fitters can do that you might not have thought they could do.



Those are only a few hidden talents that plumbers possess. Remember, if you’re ever in need of a plumber, then do your research because you want to use only the best. By doing this, you can rest assured your issue will be quickly resolved.

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