Best Tools For Plumbers

Choosing Plumbing Tools


Varying Opinions

Possibly one of the most overlooked aspects of a plumber’s job is the tools that he or she uses (I say ‘she’ due to the larger number of female pipe-fitters that are now moving around the tradesman scene). For more info on that, click this link. I should also mention a large number of people that will have different opinions to me on what constitutes the top of the range tools that builders use.



The Choices

When it comes to choosing tools. A Pipefitter has do decide exactly what jobs he wants to specialize. This is because becoming a specialist is the best way to make the biggest ROI after they’ve bought their tools. Whether they want to be an expert in Blocked drains or start being known around town as the go-to guy for hot water system maintenance. It all comes down to where you want to work in the field of trades-manship.


It’s the Tradesman’s Choice

Lot’s of people who’re new to their trade feel pressured into making a decision when it comes to purchasing their tools for work. Even when they’re at TAFE… Big events occur when companies like RYOBI and BUNNINGS come out and put on shows that demonstrate the amazing things that their tools can do. This happens for carpenters, bricklayers, and many more people, not just those in the field of plumbing.



However, even though various recommendation has been made in this article. You always want to do what you think best. Don’t let guarantees and an enticing logo be the thing that makes you choose a certain brand. Most companies now allow for trial runs due to competitiveness. Trial Everything. And I mean everything: Boots, gloves hammers, saws, leak detection units – the lot!


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