Plumber’s Travel Choices

Plumbers That Travel

One of the biggest benefits of being a plumbing expert is the fact that you can afford to travel well. Youcan travel very far – and you can do it in style. You can also travel very far. Much farther then regular people can, that’s for sure.

You might be wondering why it is important to know this. And here’s why.


That Lucky Tradesman!

Now that there’s a massive boom in Melbourne population, many workers are opting to travel – especially plumbers that travel overseas. And they’re currently doing so. These destinations include the USA, Africa, and many more countries. Many workers are traveling first class and business class due to their income.


A leaky bathtub that needs replacing. this is in a bathroom in St Kilda

Pipe-fitters On A Plane

Many tradesmen absolutely love flying. This is because most airlines supply a free amount of alcohol as well as delicious food. To be honest, most builders are used to a sub-par delivery when it comes to food choices in general – so plane food is delicious compared to that! Not to say they have plane food choices, just that they’re happy to eat most in-flight food.



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A Builder’s Travel Choice

When it comes to where they actually go, builders in Melbourne tend to opt for Bali or Thailand (on a side note – I’m heading to Thailand in 5 days! I can’t wait!). Most plumbing experts choose this area due to the fact that it is warm, it is close by and it is cheap. Also, there are plenty of cute women running around who’s more than likely willing to choose an Australian bloke over a local Thailand man.


We hope this has been an informative guide about where pipe-fitters love to travel. Most tradesman from VIC absolutely love south-east Asia – and for good reason.Maybe this article has inspired you.Ifyou’reinto brickwork, and if you live in the St Kilda area, feel free to contact us to talk more about what we love doing on our time off!


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