How Do Plumbers handle Relationships

A Plumber And His girlfriend

One questions that we get asked a lot, is how do plumbers handle their significant others. It is true that they work long and arduous hours. It is also true that they can be very tired when they come home from a day of replacing hot water systems and unblocking drains. All this can lead to their girlfriends being quite unsatisfied when they come home.

And I’m not talking about the bedroom. I mean emotionally unhappy with their partner. If tradesman comes home smelling of pipes and tap fixture and doesn’t shower immediately. The girlfriend is obviously going to get upset, isn’t she?


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Different Areas Are Ok

Maybe in a hippy suburb like St Kilda, the girls might be more lenient – as they tend to have hairy armpits themselves – yuck! I’ve not against that, but I sure as hell ain’t going to put my body up against it.

So back to the topic that we came here for. A tradesman has just finished fixing a leaky tap. the last job of the day, and comes home to a less than desirable situation. Not good!


I’m not sure how it is with gay couples, maybe it’s different. Men are normally always ready to go, so hey, who knows. maybe some men are into that. I know lot’s of women are into dirty men – hairy, smelly and sweaty. So who knows, maybe men only couples even prefer that.

So I guess we may as well wrap up this article. I’ve spoken a little bit about how plumbers deal with their girlfriends. Now it’s up to you to go out into the world and implement these tactics. Well, I didn’t really give you any tactics, to be honest.But oh well. Good luck! I’m going to go and unblock a sink now!


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You may be confident in your ability to work as a plumbing specialist, but we live in an unfortunate time where we need to multitask, and finding the right balance between your work and your personal life can be hard. Focusing on clarity is an integral part of achieving the perfect work/life balance as a plumber. As you grow as a professional plumber and expand your business or work for a company that you feel at ease dealing with, you’ll discover yourself and your need to find your perfect life balance. Here are a few ways most plumbers achieve that:




Build A Strong Team


Whether you run your own company or you’re a member of a professional plumbing group, it’s important to understand that many of the employees that do plumbing work spend more time working than they do at home with family. Unfortunately, that can be said for pretty much any type of job out there, but you’ll find that when you treat all members of the company like family, people will have a different outlook on working long hours. So, what you can take away from this lesson is that you, as a boss, or someone else should treat plumbers with the proper respect.

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Don’t Work Excessive Hours

It’s important to set boundaries for how much you can and should work. Many plumbers set out to work longer than eight hours per day, but the problem lies that eventually, they start to lose momentum and energy when they visit clients. Schedule your workdays in a manner that won’t interfere with your personal life and will allow you to remain energetic throughout the day. Make sure that you’re not working more than 45 to 50 hours per week as that can significantly strain your work/life balance.



Keep The Building Site Safe

If you run your own company, it may seem ideal to take every job available in order to make ends meet, but this is how the downward spiral starts. After you’re done working for the day, make sure you turn off all contact where clients can get in touch with you and ask for certain services. If your company offers emergency plumbing services, make sure you hire someone else to take care of clients after hours. Taking your work home with you will mess up your entire schedule and cause you to reflect more on work than your personal or family life.



It may not be feasible for you to stop working on Saturdays, but Sunday should be reserved for personal family time. Many plumbers go to church together or plan family picnics, which is the easiest way to ensure that your work/life balance always remains intact. You need at least one day per week where you can spend time with the people you care most about and share your experiences for that particular week. When seeking a new employer, make sure you let them know how important weekends are to you and how much you really want to preserve Sunday as your day off.



Fair Wages Are Important


One of the most common reasons that plumbers branch out and ignore their work/life balance is simply because they are not making enough money to make ends meet as they currently are. Whether that means you need to get a second job or work after hours, the problem is eventually you won’t know where to draw the line. For this reason, it’s always recommended that you work for a company that knows how to treat their plumbers with respect and provides them with the fair wages that they deserve. If that’s not the case with the company you’re looking to work for, it’s much better to seek other employment.



We always walk a fine line between working too much and spending too little time with our families. Our modern society has almost eliminated personal lives altogether, which is why you need to hang onto personal “me” time and family time in order to ensure that you are a happy plumber and will live a longer and healthier life.

~ The St Kilda Plumbing Team

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