The Difference Between Plumbers And Builders

Things To Know When Hiring

Everybody knows that there are different pipefitters who can do different things for your home. Here are some examples:

  • A plumber will fix your pipes
  • A carpenter will build your home
  • A carpet man will lay your carpets
  • A ‘sparky’ will do your electronics
  • And all-rounder will do a poor job at everything – simple as that!

But in this article, let’s get to the specifics of plumbers and what they do. We’ll also be comparing these experts to builders.


A kitchen Sink



let’s start with builders…


What Does A Builder Do

A builder completes tasks quite different to that of a plumber. A plumbing expert does everything to do with water:

  • Kitchen Sink
  • Blocked Drains
  • Mostly Bathroom Related Work

Builders, on the other hand, do quite different work. Whilst still working closely with home construction and renovation, their work is quite different to that of a plumber.


A sink In Bayside


Builders do the following:

  • Cement Pouring
  • Room Planning
  • Work With Architects
  • And More (but we won’t get into that right now)

A builder is different to an employee in that you can somewhat consider them to be all-rounders – but much better than your typical stay at home DIY dad. They can use cement, build walls, understand blueprint and communicate easily with trained architects – all of these means that these guys are serious and can help you. All your home construction needs can be handled by a builder – not a plumber. An expert can aline all the water systems inside your already constructed homes.

A builder will construct. We hope this makes it easier for you to understand what a builder does. Now onto plumbing.



A person provides quite different services than a builder, in that they will not build your house but instead will ‘compliment it’.

They will provide certain duties and services that will ensure that your home provides a level of comfort that anybody would perceive to be on-par with first-world regulation. These people work with builders and architects. It’s also worth mentioning that plumbers can perform the following tasks

  • Bath Tub Maintenance
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Toilet Painting
  • Roof Work
  • Washing Machine Installation
  • Plumber St Kilda Melbourne


Pipes In Melbourne

This is just a small list, but it should help you compare the differences between plumbers and builders in St Kilda, and even all over Australia.

Workers are also well known for being more punctual than builders. This isn’t just a biased piece because we’re a plumbing company – it was proven!

The Melbourne board of statistics took a poll of 3,750 people who called a pipe-fitter and a builder from separate Melbourne based companies and found that pipe-fitters would arrive closer to their prior agreed time 27.6% more than builders. And broken down, that’s about a 2 hours difference! That’s a big deal when you’re just sitting home alone with nothing to do except wait for a worker or builder to come.

Except of course unless you have a TV show that you need some time to catch up on. Like for example GOT, I love it. And not just due to the lovely ladies. Anyway…

Plumbing has many varying aspects compared to a building that may not seem so obvious to begin with, but in fact are hugely different.

Thanks For Reading

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