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Try looking in the monthly archives. August 2017

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Plumbing Tips For Green Conscious People

Environmentally Conscious Plumbing Tips

Quite a few water based companies are turning green due to customer demand. And you, as a homeowner or soon to be investment property owner. Should take these legislations and laws if you wish to appeal to […]

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A History Of Plumbing

The Evolution Of Plumbers
As we’re sure many people would be aware. Plumbing began during Greek, Roman and the Persian Empires. These civilizations developed fittings such as public baths and pipes that could provide drinkable water as well as rid themselves […]

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this tap hooks up to a hose and is located in St Kilda

How to avoid bad smells and burst pipes in your home

 The Benefits Of Plumbing Checks
Pipe Maintenance
Water can become problematic to your pipes when it is cranked too high. Low water pressure results in feeble water pressure in showers – NOTE: feeble water pressure in showers can be the result of […]

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A tap that once was attached to a blocked drain, that is now clear.

Choosing A Plumber In St.Kilda, Melbourne

Plumbers In Saint Kilda, Melbourne
Different plumbing for different properties
Your St Kilda property should have a well-known plumber on call that can be easily contacted in the case of an emergency. You won’t know when a blocked drain will occur, or […]

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A wrench that our builders often use on the . homes of Melbourne

Replacing A Toilet Seat In St Kilda

Fixing A Broken Toilet Seat In St Kilda

As you may well know, one of the simplest at home bathroom changes you can make is to change your toilet seat. Removing
and replacing the lid of the toilet seat is incredibly easy […]

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